Học từ mới với cụm từ LOOK

look in 1

Trong tiếng anh, Look là động từ hay sử dụng thường xuyên trong cuộc sống và chúng ta sẽ rất dễ gặp từ này đi kèm với giới từ. Dưới đây là 23 cụm từ với look  giúp bạn học từ mới nhanh nhất


look in



1. Look around/round ( thăm thú/ thăm quan)

Visit a place and see what is there
Do you want to have a look around/round town this afternoon?
I think we should spend some time this afternoon to look around Hue. We’re leaving tomorrow already.

2.Look after (chăm sóc ai đó/cái gì)

To take care of someone or something
Example: I need to find someone who can look after my dogs this weekend while I’m on holiday.

3. Look ahead ( lên kế hoạch tương lai)

To think about and plan the future
Let’s look ahead to next month’s projected sales figures.
In order to build a sustainable company, you need to form the habit of looking ahead.

4. Look back ( hồi tưởng lại quá khứ)

To think about something in the past
When I look back on my childhood, I realise how lucky I was to not have any responsibilities.
When Mary looked back on her childhood in the countryside, she was filled with a wave of nostalgia /nəˈstældʒə/.

5. Look at (đọc lướt qua/ xem qua /xem xét/ kiểm tra/ đối mặt cái gì đó)

To consider or examine something, usually before making a decision
Example: We will have to look at all the proposals before coming to any decision.
To read something quickly
Example: Can you have a look at the notes I gave you last week?
To confront or face something
Example: He is looking at a large fine if he doesn’t comply with the court order.

6. Look forward to ( mong chờ/hứng thú về điều gì đó trong tương lai)

To be excited about something that will happen in the future
I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, as my family are coming to visit.
After a period of hard work to prepare for and take the first-semester exams, Loan is looking forward to the coming Tet Holiday with her family in Mui Ne.

7. Look down on ( coi thường ai)

To consider someone inferior; to believe that you are better than someone else
Example: I hate the way that our boss looks down on us; she treats us as if we are less important than her.

8. Look for ( tìm kiếm)

Try to find or search for someone or something
Can you help me look for my keys? I seem to have mislaid them.
Hey dude, what are you looking for?

9. Look out ( cẩn thận/coi chừng)

Warning someone to be careful or to be vigilant
Look out! There is broken glass on the floor!
Hey, look out! Lots of cars are coming.

10. Look in on ( nhân tiện ghé thăm ai)

To visit someone for a short time
Look in on your grandmother on your way home to make sure she has everything she needs.
Philip, Josh is away for a business trip and his mother has just got sick recently. Wanna join me to look in on her mother?

11. Look into ( điều tra/kiểm tra)

To investigate or find out more about something
Example: I don’t have that information to hand but I will look into it and get back to you.

12. Look on (xem)

To watch an event or an activity without taking part in it or getting involved
I looked on as my friends danced around the room.
Bình Định is a place where you don’t have to worry about being mugged : people never just look on when someone is being attacked.

13. Look out for something  ( để ý/ đợi chờ một cái gì sẽ đến)

Be vigilant; try to notice something or keep an eye out for something or someone in particular
Example: Look out for hummingbirds in the garden, they are often seen here.


14. Look out for someone ( coi sóc/ bảo vệ ai)

Take care of someone, protect them and make sure they are alright
Example: I have always looked out for my little sister.


15. Look through ( đọc lướt qua/ soát lại)

Examine or read something, usually briefly
Example: Can you have a look through this report before I hand it to the boss please?

16. Look over
Check or revise something, usually quickly
Example: Can you look over my thesis and tell me what you think I need to improve


17. Look something up ( tìm kiếm thông tin)

To search for information
Example: We can look up the restaurant’s address on the internet.


18. Look someone up (thăm ai/bạn cũ)

Go to visit someone; find an old friend
Example: Look me up if you are ever in Ireland!


19. Look up to someone ( tôn trọng ngưỡng mộ ai)

To admire or respect someone
Example: I have always looked up to my father.

20. Look upon/on someone or something ( xem/ coi ai như là,,,)

To consider or regard someone or something in a particular way
Example: I have always looked upon/on my mother as a friend.

21. Look away 9 nhìn nới khác/ xem thứ khác/ né tránh/ quay mặt)

To turn your eyes away from someone or something that gives a bad feeling such as fear, shame, pain, disgust or embarrassment.
Example: I looked away as the doctor peeled the bandage off my arm.

22. To be looking up (cải thiện)

Getting better or improving
Example:Our financial situation finally seems to be looking up.


23. Look to ( nhìn tới)

To rely on someone or something for help or advice
Example: We have always looked to our mother for guidance.


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